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Now Improved Video Quality

Dear users,   Indiangilma has taken into consideration the increased bandwidth allowance and speed in the asia pacific countries. We are becoming more interconnected and internet is seen as an important tool even in the developing countries. Speed and performance has grown at a staggering rate and her at Indiangilma we like to follow this [...]

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This blog is the official information center of the You can find here all latest news about the technical issues the site may face, especially in case of downtime.. Please do not post your problems here, email for imediate answer.

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Improvements @

Hello Users,

We are delighted to inform that we have made significant development towards two most complained part about experience at

1. New video player sucks

2. Videos loading slow at some locations

3. Mobile search pulling videos that don’t have mobile video enabled

We didn’t ignore you but we have to spend time to come up with ideas to fix those at the same time keep others entertain.
* You now have option to change the player back to old one and keep it on till you decided to change it back to new one.

* You now have option to load the same video from better server (closet to your location) and get better streaming results (mainly aimed at Asia locations)

* Mobile search has been fixed to display only videos that’s supported
To put them in test simply visit and you will see these options under each video.

Please note we do aware of increasing complaints about pop-up ads however we are not at the point to take money from our users to run the site, we do not make it as pay site or even want to take donation.  The site was developed for one stop center for  all your south asian porn movies/clips and we like to keep it that way.

Your feedback helps us to make better decision for so please pass them to

In Progress: for one stop South Asian adult tales, come share your erotic stories with others.  You can read stories on your mobile as well.

Thank you

Gilma Network Administration

We heard You!!

Its been so long since we posted on our blog but we wanted post only when there is something changed within our website.  All along we been working on getting a better video player since lot of you complaint about its not working properly or videos are stretched and so forth.  We heard you!!  if you haven’t noticed, we have added new flash player with extensive features.  We are sure it will statisfy all your requests.

With this player you can zoom videos in your own size, also it should fix any problem with fast forward/rewind option which we had with previous player.  Go ahead and test it out, let us know if there is any bug or feature needs to be added.


Please find the screenshots below that features fast forwarding option that actually works. If it  doesn’t work for you please email

Happy 2010 To All IndianGilma.Com Fans

Hello Viewers,

We would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.  We wish that everyone will have fun filled and safe 2010.  Watch out for changes and amazing new stuff this year.  Last year was very successful and thanks to all of you.  Keep visiting Indiangilma.Com!!

Thank You, Administration

Qatar – We are not Down!!!

As of November 8, 2009 Qatar Telecom officially blocked from accessing for its local viewers due to its local law.   Lot of famous adult sites are banned due to local laws preventing their people from viewing it by any mean, joined the list due to its popularity within that country in short time. We anticipated this to happen but not this soon.

Since Qatar Telecom is the only ISP there is very less chance for any fans to visit our site again using the country’s ISP.  We are saddened by this however they are just following the local laws and we can’t do much from our point of view.

There are always work around for any man made decision but it may not come free as you wish.  Here is what we have to offer due to the volume of Qatar users missing viewing our website!

  1. Move out of the country and find a country who doesn’t censor what’s being accessed ! :)
  2. Start a new version of with another domain
  3. Buy VPN Account to access the blocked contents

We know choice 1 is not possible for everyone :)

We know choice 2 will also be banned if it becomes famous in Qatar :)

Choice 3 What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network, a network which makes use of the Internet to connect computers that are in different locations. Communication is encrypted for security.

Basically this means, if  you buy a vpn account where the server is located in USA and you log in using your existing internet provider (Qatar Telecom) your usage of internet will be pass through secure channel over to USA server and you will be able to access any sites that was banned by Local Laws.  You virtually become a USA user rather than Qatar user.  You can use any application or view any website without any restrictions.

We are only interested in setting up VPN server in USA only if lot of Qatar users interested, there is always a cost behind every invention or service, here is what would it cost us to provide you with a VPN account monthly basis.

  • Compatible With All Browsers
  • 128/256bit Data Encryption
  • CHAP, MS-CHAPv2 Encryption
  • PPTP, L2TP Protocols
  • Dedicated IP Solution
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • VoIP Anonymous

For as low as $10.00 USD/Month

We will not be able to setup this unless handful of users interested and you’re more than welcome to buy the VPN accounts anywhere else as you pleased.  We are just trying to help out the users.  Interested? email to proceed further.  If you have friends/family in Qatar and are not able to access our website let them know the news and offer them the solutions provided.

Thank You,


IG Exculusive! Iphone/Mobile Edition Of

The wait is finally over.  We have finally launched the iphone/mobile version of  Read on for more info..

indiangilma iphone edition

indiangilma iphone edition

  • The application mainly targeting Iphone/Itouch Users ( over 25mil iphone users worldwide)
  • Enables a unique mobile experience / Easy Navigation
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • High video quality (videos are converted to mp4/mov with H.264 codec)
  • Fully AJAX-ified
  • iPhone / iPod detection and auto-redirection ( just point your browser to
  • Finally its free and we are the only one with this feature on the net when it comes to Indian adult videos

Please note the videos are automatically playable only on Iphone/Itouch or any phone that can automatically stream .mp4 files.   We can hear some users saying why not 3gp support? we haven’t forgot you but this requires extra work and one more conversion.  This will be added as the financial state of the site becomes stable.

Iphone/Itouch Users visit it will automatically take you to the app version
Other mobile users visit to visit the app directly

If you like to see your favorite videos added to this edition please email the full address from we will definitely add them for your convenient. thanks

Please note this is beta means there can be bugs or not properly working, please report them accordingly so we can fix it on next release, with your help we can improve this more and better.

Caution: This mobile edition will use your mobile 3g network to stream and it will eat up your bandwidth and will get you huge bill at the end.  You can use wifi if its available to save bandwidth from your provider also buy unlimited bandwidth option to avoid huge bill. can not be held responsible for your addiction of Indian adult videos or your mobile bill :)   You’ve been warned.

Enjoy, Administration
w: crosses 1000 videos mark!!

We are delighted to celebrate the mile stone achievement of,  Yes we have crossed the 1000 videos mark.  You may wonder why is it big deal to actually celebrate this? well there are several reasons to celebrate,

  • 1000+ pure indian/south asian videos
  • Website itself is only 5 months old
  • Almost 3500 user registrations without we making the registration mandatory.
  • Lot of our videos are full length hardcore/soft-core movies which are hard to find on the net for FREE

We are proud to say that there is no other website out there that can match above record breaking plus can compete with  When we decide to start a website like this for indian audience we had concern about having enough videos that would stand its quality as “indian porn” but we did it.  We did it with your help, without you guys we wouldn’t be able to stand up and say we are the only one with this massive amount of quality videos that are pure indian/south asian.

We will continue to grow and maintain this standard, there are websites out there that mixes videos which defeat the purpose of pure indian adult video sharing site.   Please continue to support your website by inviting your friends also make use of the community effectively as well as contributing by upload only indian/south asian videos.

We had several complaints about the pop-ups on our website, we wanted to make this clear on this post.  As you know every invention/creation have a cost behind it, running cost increase each day as we grow we are able to pay those bills only by our sponsors and their ads.  We do not like pop ups either however in this case its inevitable as we are unable to find solid sponsor who can supply enough cash flow to maintain the site without too many ads.  We did not start this website keeping the revenue in mind, we did it since we couldn’t find any other websites that can conquer our hunger for Indian adult videos and we wanted to be an example for it and we did it.

If you like to support the in anyway financially/technically please do so by emailing us at, this way we can reduce the ads on our website. team sincerely thank you for your continues support and hoping for the growth to be doubled in coming months.

Thank You, Administation

New Sponsor..

Hello fans and viewers,

As you probably have noticed new banner on our website which shows that we have incredible new sponsor who is offering such great offers for our users.  Read on for more info..

Since we partnered with we have had tremendous success where you get to signup and download dvd full of porn in various categories.   We wanted to bring you another deal that contains pretty much everything in one place. is a leader in online South Asian movie download.  They have been in business for more than 5 years providing top notch service to indian movie fans who are away from their country.

If you become their member, you get to download..

  • 1220 Bollywood Movies (DVD-R,DVDRips,VCD,BluRay)
  • 1620 Tamil Movies (DVD-R,DVDRips,VCD,BluRay)
  • 620 Telugu Movies (DVD-R,DVDRips,VCD)
  • 35+ Malaylam Movies (DVDRips,VCD)
  • TV Programs
  • Music Videos
  • Mp3 Collections
  • Cricket Matches

Not Only the Above.. Also you will get download over 330GB of Porn Movies (Indian + Western).  All for one small price starting from $2.00USD

As you know 100% runs on sponsorships, we are always looking for ways to offer you guys great deals and grow along.

Its incredible deal that you shouldn’t pass especially if you’re adamant fan of Indian movies.   Sign up now for instant activation!!!

Please use the following link so will get’s its share..

Please let your friends and family know and help runs without hiccups.

Thank You,


Upcoming Features & Feedback/Suggestions Request

It has been 3 Months since the launch of, we grew so fast that we can’t even imagine how it happened.  thanks to you.  We have added several servers to stream the videos without delay and most of you’re enjoying that. We have so far over 800 videos and over 1500 members and growing..

We have several features planned and in developement to name few,

# Mobile download center
# HD Videos streaming
# Allowing members to tag the videos
# Chat Rooms (Private/Public)

We do not have scheduled release dates for above features but be assured we are working on it delightfully.  If you like to see something added or don’t like something please post your valuable feedback we will definitely consider it.

Have you noticed IG Live HelpDesk link ? yes, now you can chat with available help desk agent anytime,  we will try to be there most of the time to help out.  Powered by msn messenger, You can use the live chat to get help instantly also provide feedback.  Please make use of it.  No, we do not do web cam show if you asked :)

We are here to stay with your support we can accomplish the goals during tough times.  Invite your friends and spread the news.

If you like to privately mail us your thoughts you can do so by e-mailing

Thank You, Administration

When Flagging Videos @ IG

We have forced to write this article to help members appropriately flag the video which will be looked after properly.  After a member uploaded to the site our team reviews each video before approval .  We get 100s of videos submitted for review daily and there maybe possibility some videos might have slipped through and appear on the website which may seems inappropriate to some members.  We thank you for taking time to flag those videos however we need bit more information when flagging a video without a proper documentation given.  Please refer to below tips..

We have follow categories when it comes to flagging a video:

Inappropriate (rape, incest, etc.)
Copyrighted Material
Video not playing

If you chose any one of above option you MUST give proper reasons for us to re-review the video and remove.  Just because you’re flagging a video doesn’t mean it will get removed, and do understand we go by law not by sense.
If you think a video is Inappropriate (rape, incest, etc.) include as much details as possible about that video, in comments field when submitting.  If we receive several complaints on same video we will definitely take an action however without proper information we will not able to do so.

If you think the video is Underage, provide proof and explanation as much as possible.  A person might look younger for some one’s eye might not be for others.

If you think the video is a Copyrighted Material, you must be the copyright holder to flag this video and must provide proof upon completing the form also email the proof to

If the Video not playing, please describe what problem were you facing when trying to play the video.

If you’re flagged the video for any other reasons please provide the info as required.  We go by our terms of service as well as legal so if you follow proper steps when flagging a video, be assured it will be looked after within 24-48hrs.  More over you can email if you have more to say about the flagged video.

We hope this clarifies the questions in regards to using flag option on our website.  Rest assured we manually review each video before getting approval and anything violates our terms of service and law will not be approved.

Thank you for your continues Support!!

Network Expansion

Hello Viewers,

Due to popularity of daily visitors are increasing and to cope up with the performance issue with our servers we have added few more servers.  This has been completed without taking down the site.  If you haven’t notice any performance different or noticed any please report them here so we can look in to that.

We will need YOUR feedback to improve our site especially if you’re in different part of the world you can report any streaming issue so slow issue.  Please indicate your country and what type of internet connection so we can tweak our network based on that.  Please continue supporting the site by refering your friends and make use of our community by joining and intereacting with other users.

Thank You,


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