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About IG

What is indiangilma.com all about?

It’s all about pure indian/desi adult videos free to share on the net and we make it happen for you by providing you with the up to date technology and developed web world.

How all started?

We used to roam around on the net looking for Indian adult videos and there are tons of sites out there with different types of content, it took time to find quality clips which gave us the idea of starting a site where the search for indian porn ends here.

Who is behind indiangilma.com?

Bunch of nerds with passionate about Indian porn and who goes extra miles to find it.

What makes the Indiangilma.com unique than other sites?

Well, there are tons to list lets start off with bullet points

  • Pure indian/desi content
  • Full movies in Malayalam,Hindi,Tamil.Telugu languages
  • Fast forward option where you don’t have to wait for the movie to loaded in order to watch
  • Fastest Network which streams our clip without noticing delay no matter which part of the world you’re in
  • Sleek design with lots of features such as members interaction/sharing private videos/albums/wall posting etc.
  • Last not least all for FREE !!!

Now do you think aren’t we the best out there?

How you guys afford to run a site like this?

We ain’t rich like the way you think, you do see sponsers on our site right, thats how

Great, I want to help you guys?

Thanks, please start uploading your own collections of videos and make our database big enough so no one has to look other places.  Make sure the videos are abid by our terms of service.

Can I join IG crew?

If you love porn and has passionate about web technology and has free times in hand why not? shoot an email to admin@indiangilma.com with your notes about why you chose to join  IG, we will contact you if we find it amazing.


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