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Now Improved Video Quality

Dear users,   Indiangilma has taken into consideration the increased bandwidth allowance and speed in the asia pacific countries. We are becoming more interconnected and internet is seen as an important tool even in the developing countries. Speed and performance has grown at a staggering rate and her at Indiangilma we like to follow this [...]

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This blog is the official information center of the You can find here all latest news about the technical issues the site may face, especially in case of downtime.. Please do not post your problems here, email for imediate answer.

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Indiangilma Reducing ads for better user experience

Indiangilma has reduced its banner ads by 20% and is aiming to reduce its banners ads by 30% in total by end of July 2013. This can only be possible with your support and making indiangilma Nr.1 Indiantube site on the net. So please introduce your friends, and bring new ideas to indiangilma, reporting broken links or country ban issues to indiangilma.  and like us on twitter. We will do our best to reply to every inquiry we receive.


Thank You,

GilmaNetwork.Com Administration

GilmaNetwork enhance security for its valuable users

GilmaNetwork is working closely with Sucuri and cloudflare to protect the interwebs. We are constantly monitoring and enhancing our security features to ensure safe browsing  for our users. GilmaNetwork only provide ads from reputable companies. Our system infrastructure is automated to defend and destroy any unwanted and suspicious tcp packets, and put into a DDoS protection mode when under attack. Our users might those times  have come across captcha verification laid down by cludflare to ensure actual human activity. These steps helps us prevent fake and unwanted access to our interwebs.

GilmaNetwork is the only dedicated Indian tube site to invest in security at the highest level to its knowledge. We value our users and wants to provide  the best possible experience during their stay.

Enjoy a safer browsing at G


Thank You,

GilmaNetwork.Com Administration

New IG Mobile Version Released

Hello Everyone,

After long hours of development and testing we have finally launched new version of mobile version.  The following features are immediately available

- New friendly interface
- Iphone,Ipad,Android support and any other platform that can read HTML5 videos
- Signup/login to save your favorite videos
- Search your favorite videos
- Categories
- Albums

Your feedback is important as we do not have all mobile devices to test and we have tested this new version with iphone and android type of devices.  Please email your feedback to or leave them below here.

We are continuely improving our website even with our busy schedule and personal life.  Refer your friends and enjoy!!


GilmaNetwork Condemns Violence against women – Any part of the world!!

We have recently received a feedback; the visitor didn’t put his/her email for us to reply so we are replying to public.


Department: General

Message: i think that sites like urs cause people to rape and i think u are to be blamed as well for the death of the girl


We appreciate the feedback and would like to address this in public since you didn’t want to put your email for us to reply directly to you personally.

We are aware of the news about innocent girl was victimized and gang raped by 6 men and we are saddens to hear such incident.  We condemn any violence against women doesn’t matter which part of the world they are in.  We as human should respect each other doesn’t matter what race,religion,gender,culture they are from.  We request everyone who is protesting to support this innocent victim to ensure the government of India  to provide a speedy punishment to those perverts in full extent within Indian law.

This viewer brought a point; he/she seems to blame porn sites (such as indiangilma) for these type of crime to take place.  We request everyone to do a simple research about rape crime rates in each country and see where India stands.  If porn sites are the reason for these humans to behave as monsters then we will have issue around the world and will increase year by year.  Porn sites are blocked in Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh but unfortunately the women in those countries are still suffering from crimes like this.

We do not support anyone to upload any violent sex videos or under age sexual videos.  We comply 100% with law and do remove any reported videos as soon as we receive the complaints.  We simply provide platform to share videos dedicated to South Asian community since other big porn tube do not.

We are ready to block Indian viewers if government officials can prove that by shutting down indiangilma the rape rate in India will be reduced in 2013, we are more than happy to support women if we are the cause of the problem in India.  We respect women, they are the reason every men is alive in this world, and we should treat them with respect as we treat anyone else.  No one have permission to touch a woman without their permission even if its legally married wife.

Our heart goes out to the family and friends of the innocent girl who was unfortunate to be born in India where freedom of speech and women rights are written only in paper.  We strongly encourage people of India to take control of your situation and clean up your differences so such incident can be prevented going forward.  In respect to the lost soul we will be closing down indiangilma.comon January 1st, 2013 for 24Hrs (IST).  Rest in peace..!!

We would like to hear about your views, please submit them directly to or submit below.

Update January 2, 2013 (IST) – Thanks everyone for your overwhelming support and feedback regarding our motivation of closing down the site for a day to show our support to the innocent victim as well as to women in general.  We have proven that porn sites do have moral values as well.  Viewer may have wrote such email to us due to anger behind the crime that took place, we understood that and we are angry as much as any other responsible human being will be however India is a civilized country with law and order, its up to Indian people to uphold them when the system and politicians fail to do so.

Thank You,

GilmaNetwork.Com Administration Re-Vamped

Hello Viewers,

We have re-vamped and approved quiet lot of erotic indian sex stories,  continue to checking out for more updates.

GilmaNetwork Administration

Back End Changes

Hello Viewers,

We are modifying our infrastructure to support the growth of, we have added few web servers to handle the traffic better.  Please report any errors to so we can resolve effectively.

We are working on other features and haven’t forgotten about it.  Keep checking the blog


Gilmanetwork Administration

2012 and Changes You Want!

Hello Fans!! 2012 is only few days away and we are very excited to finish off providing you another year of non stop adult entertainment.  We are very much pleased with the way our site is growing each day and year and we couldn’t have done it without you.  We are shy away from making this website number one free South Asian adult videos.  Looking past!!

2009 – was launched with few videos contributed by our members
2010 – doubled its visitors and videos, pictures as well network capacity to support everyone around the globe
2011 – became part of GilmaNetwork, adding network presence in Asia Pacific and increased capacity to our servers.  We have now thousands videos and members and growing each day.  Private proxy launched to enable our beloved fans to view from blocked countries!!

What’s up for 2012? well now we are going to leave it up to our members to decide what they want to see with GilmaNetwork!!  Here is what we have in mind, and you put them in priority for us!!!

  • Facebook like chat for registered and guests users with ability to do audio and video chat.
  • Re-do and re-launch with and make it number 1 erotic story site.
  • Making each video downloadable for later viewing. (IG)
  • Expand our network presence in Asia pacific to support countries like India and Pakistan
  • …Add what you want here!!!

Please use the poll below to select what you want to see first, based on your responses we will start implementing them in 2012.  We would like to hear your honest opinon and feedback on our website and the way to improve, please post them here or email it to


What would you like us to focus on 2012?

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We haven’t forgot about you thinking about advertising and popups, we have recently decided to lower the popups and try to see if we can manage the running cost of the network, if it works out we will ensure the site runs with minimum popups.  As much as you hate popups we do as well but do note there is a huge cost behind able to have such huge site and be able to run streaming videos with maximum network capacity.  We hope you understand and continue to refer our site to your friends and like minded people.

 Kindly note, Gilmanetwork team and it’s staff do not collect,produce,upload any videos.  Do not sent us requests asking for specific type of videos or complaining that the videos aren’t clear etc.  We only provide platform for users like you to share your collections of erotic videos and we have no control over what type of quality it is in.  Our only purpose provide you with a site where you can enjoy pure indian/south asian videos in one location shared by our loyal members and fans.

Till next time.. Have a happy and safe holidays!!


GilmaNetwork Administration!!

Unblock Indiangilma

Exciting news!! Do you miss in your country? are you in UAE, QATAR and those Arab countries where they are blocking adult websites?  Here is a chance to unblock  Read on..
GilmaNetwork proud to interduce PRIVATE Proxy network.  We have setup a proxy network which will allow you to view our blocked website within your current network.  The streaming of video will work with our system.  Takes few seconds to setup and no software installation necessary.

This is a inductory trial offer and we are not ready to accept 1000s of users yet, we require few users to test out and provide feedback on weekly basis.  To participate you must be in one of those blocked countries and have minimum knowledge of setting up proxy within your browsers.  Must provide feedback on weekly basis of how the system performing and if there is any bug.

Currently we are allowing ONLY to be viewable with this method, we will expand to other sites as we progress with the test phase.

Do you want to be one of those lucky ones to test this new system and be able to view your favourite site then simply email with following info imediately.

Desired Username:
Desired Password:
Browser you want to use:
IP Address (go to to get this):

E-mail with full information as per above template, and we will reply within 24-48hrs with access information and instructions to setup.

We hoping to be leader to over come the censorship of any country in the world.  We do not believe in censorship and everyone should be allowed to make their own decision on what to view what not to view.

Pass this information to your friends who do not have access to our website due to blockage.  We will need to keep this proxy network private to avoid getting blocked on frequent basis.

Thank You
GilmaNetwork Administration

Network Update

This Message Applies to users resides in India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh.



Few months ago we have tried to introduce Asia Pacific network (servers) to make better connection for our South Asian
users but we didn’t succeed much due to pricing and capacity issue.  We
now have secured much better location where the speed and usage is
guranteed and the speed for countries like Singapore, India, Malaysia,
Pakistan etc will be much better and the videos should stream without


We need your help in improving our presence in these areas else we will
have to cut down and move back to be mainly hosted in North America and
Europe.  Please utilize the new network by clicking on CHANGE Server
button under the video player.


We need to test to ensure the new location handles the traffic and have
better performance than the last one.  Please report your feedback to  Once we see that its helping to the South Asian
countries we will automatically set it so you don’t have to keep
clicking on change server.


As many of you
complaint, we do hate pop-ups as much as you do however someone has to
pay the bill for the site and network usage, if we cut down on ads it
will force the site to die slowly due to insufficient funds.



Thank you for your continued support.



Gilma Network

IG Presence in Asia Pacific

Hello IG Fan,
We are delighted to inform you about our new network presence in Asia Pacific Region.  We have been getting few complaints from some users from India,Singapore,Malaysia that the videos are buffering a lot.  The issue was related to location of our streaming servers, we mainly had good network connections for countries within north America and Europe.  The bandwidth is expensive in Asia but we currently finished setting up a beta network to test out.  We will need your feedback in this beta testing before we can expand further in Asia.
To utilize the new network, while you click on a video on, you will see a button underneath the player stating “Change streaming server for following countries” with each country flag.
When you click on it, it will start loading from the Asia Pacific network.  You will have to do this for each video you watch but we will be implementing a permanent solution based on how this works out.
In order to finalize and implement this permanently we will need your feedback.  We need to hear from you, if you’re in India,Sri Lanka,Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, please test it out and let us know the following via email to
* Was it buffering or streaming without interruption
* If it buffers how bad it is
* If it buffers please provide following using your computer
-Windows version (visa,7,xp)
- Internet type and speed (package)
- Country and City of location
- Ping test (start -> run -> cmd -> ping copy paste the result in your email
- Traceroute result (start -> run -> cmd -> tracert copy paste the result in your email
Please forward above information to
We are doing this to improve the streaming for everyone across the globe and we will need your feedback, if we don’t hear from you at all we will be reverting back to north American and Europe streaming only.  Please take few min of your time to test out the stream and report your findings.  If you have any questions about how to provide above information please email someone will get back to you.
Please note this is only for users within South Asia.  For North America and Europe you will be using our regular network which has no problem.
Thank You,


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